About us

We're Ashley and Brandon Rowe and we operate Wren Ivy Co. a sustainable bamboo clothing company. We officially launched in 2023 with seven fun prints that we curated from different artists.Β 

We first discovered bamboo baby clothing when our youngest was born in 2021. We loved the concept behind sustainable materials and clothing made from bamboo and we were even more pleased to see how long we could use a single double zippered pajama on little Wren (not to mention how amazingly soft they were!)Β 

We decided to start our own bamboo clothing company when it was harder and harder to find prints that we loved. The bamboo baby market started to feel saturated with companies throwing out random designs, seemingly not putting much thought into them. We wanted to create something that we could be be proud of by curating pieces that will look great on your little one and stand the test of time.Β Β 

We hope you see the care and thought we put into our process and give us a try! We can't wait to show you what else we have in store!